Robin Williams Suicide Brings Depression to the Forefront

August 19th, 2014

I was stunned and deeply saddened by the recent news of Robin William’s suicide
. Robin touched our lives in ways few are able. His immense talents spanned hilarious moments of stand-up comedy, and films such as Mrs. Doubtfire, to breathtaking dramatic performances in films like Dead Poet’s Society and Good Will Hunting, for which he received an academy award.

It came out over the course of the week that Williams had been diagnosed in the early stages of Parkinson’s Disease. The combination of his deep depression and his grim outlook for the future was enough to push him over the edge emotionally and psychologically.

As is true when these horrific suicides occur in the public eye, our focus often turns to the depth of depression and sadness one must have experienced in order to come to the conclusion that life is not worth living anymore.

Depression and suicide have been the major topics searched on Google this week, as well as reported heavily on every news station, but one thing the major news agencies don’t tell you is how to deal with the depression in our own lives!

Many of us either know someone who has experienced severe depression and/or anxiety or been suicidal, or else have experienced these symptoms ourselves, and our mission at AskDrGarland/BodyasDoctor is to both educate and empower you to let your body heal itself – including healing debilitating depression.

This is a brief “to do” list if you or someone you love are battling depression.

1. Of course, if you are experiencing thoughts of suicide right now, please call someone!  Reach out and call a friend, a loved one or a suicide hotline!

2. If you are suffering from depression or anxiety, you need to go off ALL dairy and meat from cows! Remember Mad Cow Disease? It’s still around.  Eat more fruits and vegetables and focus on healthy sources of protein.

3. Make sure you walk, run or bike for 30 – 60 minutes every morning. You brain needs oxygen! Have you heard of “runner’s high”? This means the exercise is turning on your serotonin factory, the crucial chemical ESSENTIAL for the brain to be happy.

4. Start with diet and exercise, and add one or more of our anti-depression formulas that can take the edge off, while you deal with the underlying issues driving your emotional state.  We have an entire brain and mood category of extraordinary formulas designed to give you the emotional, psychological and mental boost needed so that you can overcome whatever is coming against you.

Our ‘liquid lithium’ formula, Life Transfusion Liquid Mineral Complex, is an amazing, all-natural anti-depressant!  Lithium is a natural anti-depressant, and magnesium can calm anxiety better than any pharmaceutical drug!

Or check out our Nature’s Energy Secret formula!  This formula is packed with Rhodiola Rosea, another all-natural anti-depressant. Rhodiola has repeatedly been proven to significantly impact depression symptoms and is also a powerful adaptogenic to help you cope with stress and change.

5-HTP is what your brain needs to produce serotonin – the ‘feel good’ chemical in the brain.  When our serotonin levels are low, we feel depressed and when our serotonin levels are markedly low, we are severely depressed.  Boosting serotonin levels is KEY to happiness!

“I LOVE the 5-HTP! It’s made a huge difference in my life. It really helps in stabilizing my mood to handle day to day stress.” - Brenna Ballestero

“I love Good Night combined with 5-HTP to finally sleep! I am anxious and have always been a very light sleeper, I wake up several times a night and take hours to actually get to sleep. These products have changed that! When I wake in the morning I am not groggy like I was with medication.”
- Connie Loyd

“This is one of the best products I’ve ever taken. I have been taking Nature’s Energy Secret for a couple of months now and I no longer have fatigue in the afternoons like I used to, and I’ve noticed that I’m calmer and able to focus more. I don’t ever want to be without it.” - Andrea Marks

IN CONCLUSION: Whether you want to use preventative measures to avoid depression throughout life, or are struggling now with depression and anxiety due to emotional or physical triggers, we can help! Call our customer support team and find out which formulas are right for you. Or if you need to talk, please schedule a consultation with me or one of my team – We are all here to help you.

“You – you alone will have the stars as no one else has them…In one of the stars I shall be living. In one of them I shall be laughing. And so it will be as if all the stars were laughing, when you look at the sky at night…You – only you – will have stars that can laugh.” ― (the Antoine de Saint-Exupéry quote shared by Robin William’s daughter, Zelda on Instagram upon the news of his death.)

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Health Alert: Ebola Virus “inevitable” in US

August 15th, 2014

Since March, the news of the Ebola outbreak in west Africa has startled and shocked many of us. To date, this deadly virus is responsible for over 700 deaths, and those numbers are expected to double over the coming weeks as an additional 1400 diagnoses have been made.

I have been overwhelmed by the sacrifice of International Aid Workers who have served the needs of the sick and dying of Africa and have themselves been stricken with the illness.

I have also become deeply saddened by the loss of so much life.

You may be concerned about the possibility this virus could travel to Europe and to the United States.

Dr. Tom Frieden, Director of the Center for Disease Control, spoke just days ago on Capital Hill and stated:

“It’s the first time we’re having to deal with it here in the United States and that’s not merely because of the two people who became ill caring for Ebola patients and were brought back to the U.S. by their organization. That’s primarily because we are all connected and inevitably there will be travelers, American citizens and others who go from these three countries — or from Lagos if it doesn’t get it under control — and are here with symptoms.”

Others have commented in the news recently that the risk of Ebola becoming a national health crisis is ’slight’, but there is a probability our country will see cases.

I would strongly suggest, as you might guess, that we all eat healthier, get more exercise,and  drink plenty of clean water so that our immune systems are at peak performance, no matter if Ebola comes to this country or not!  If it’s not Ebola, it will be a new strain of the influenza virus, or something else eventually.

I would also suggest using your immune boosting formulas as part of your daily regimen throughout this upcoming cold and flu season.

Keep your eyes open for our newsletters – we will continue to report on this international health news as needed.

And as always, here’s to your Contagious Health!


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Prepare Your Child for the Viral Playground

August 8th, 2014

The back to school season notoriously ushers in the cold and flu season! According to the CDC, influenza is diagnosed as early as October and colds alone are responsible for over 22 million lost school days every year.  38 million days are lost due to influenza!  Our schools have become a playground for disease.

Let’s link arms to protect our children now, before the viral onslaught begins!

I have told you for many years about all-natural, immune boosting formulas that can keep you cold and flu FREE  – not only this season, but every season to come – without a flu shot!

Simply do these 6 things and not only stay healthy, but also have excess energy and stamina!

We’ll kiss the cold and flu season goodbye – most likely, FOREVER!
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Back to School Immune Boosting Essentials

August 5th, 2014

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

All over the country children and adults are starting back to school – or will be in the coming weeks.  In droves, college students are heading back to campus to start the Fall semester.  It’s a time to renew friendships, go to football games and settle into an amazing school year.

Unfortunately, all of our precious children are entering classrooms and dormitories filled with the possibility of sickness.

Even though the “cold and flu season” is weeks away, it’s never too soon to boost EVERYONE’S immune systems – especially at the beginning of the school year!

You can have your best ‘Back to School’ season in history when you join with them in taking these formulas so when they bring home nasty germs, you’ll all be prepared.  Are YOU ready?

Our Phenomenal ‘Back to School’ Immune Boosting Essentials!

Immune Support – The “Mack Truck” of immune boosting nutrients, our Immune Support formula has “adaptive” capacity to normalize immune function and response. If you feel worn down or the cold or flu “coming on”, increase to 6 capsules a day (in divided doses) for a few days.

Shark Liver Oil – Sharks have the strongest immune system of any animal on the planet. They never get the flu or cancer! Super AKG Shark Liver Oil enhances the human body’s lymphatic immune defense system by stimulating the formation of antibodies, thus increasing the number of white blood cells to fight disease.  A dramatic immune booster just when you need it!

Ultra D3 – the miracle “Sunshine vitamin” that turns on the receptors for immune system’s T-cells. Experts now say with high levels of vitamin D-3 in our bloodstream, flu virus simply can’t breed. Just 2 capsules delivers 5,000 IU’s. We recommend increasing label dosage to 4 caps daily – always with food – during winter months, from October through March.

In Conclusion:
It is important that you start your students on these formulas NOW in order for them to get the immune system boost they need!  These 3 formulas create an incredibly valuable ‘care package’ – and we can ship directly to your college student!

Here’s to the most Contagiously Healthy school year ever!

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Your Back to School ‘Little Einstein’ To Do List

August 1st, 2014

Every second parent I meet asks me the same question, “My child has Attention Deficit, what can I do?” Many have horror stories of what drugs such as Ritalin have done to their children. Mother Nature has the answers and we have the formulas just in time to turn your kids into ‘Back to School Einsteins’!

If you have other children in your life – grandchildren, neices or nephews – who would benefit from this information, especially if the child has struggled with ADD/ADHD or just being able to concentrate in class and do the best work possible – please forward this message to that family so they can get a ‘Little Einstein’ too!

Print this out and stick to your refrigerator door and refer to it constantly.

My Top-10 Ways to Defeat/Avoid ADD and ADHD Without Drugs

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