Should we ALL be taking Lithium?

September 19th, 2014

I read an article in the New York Times over the weekend entitled, Should We All Take a Bit of Lithium? – and for the title alone, I just knew I had to share it with you!

The basic premise of the article is this:  Researchers discovered that areas where the water supply contained natural levels of lithium, the depression and suicide rates were much lower than areas where the levels of lithium in the water were much lower or non-existent.  Lithium was found to significantly lower suicide rates, and had a significant effect in lowering rates of dementia!

Lithium is a powerful mineral and none of us should be without it – even for one day!

According to Charles Walters, author of the book Minerals for the Genetic Code, lithium:

  • is critical to the body and vital for emotional stability
  • is helps the spleen work and assist the immune system in all it’s function
  • has been shown to protect brain cells involved in learning and memory
  • is able to kill cancer cells
  • is associated with treatment for psychiatric disorders, even suicide
  • is only needed in trace amounts to provide maximum benefits
  • helps to stabilize the neurotransmitter Serotonin, the happiness and well-being brain chemical

Signs of lithium deficiency include behavioral problems, depression, alcohol cravings, manic depression, impotency, dementia and severe/prolonged melancholia.

Did you know that in the early days of 7up (originally called, Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda), the soft drink contained lithium?  It wasn’t for depression either – it was for helping manage headaches – and 7up soon became the drink of choice for hang over sufferers!

7-up actually advertised for a season for young mothers to add the soft drink to their babies milk to keep them ‘calm’ – or just tip the bottle right to your babies lips for maximum effect!

As you know, I believe minerals are the foundation of health and wholeness, and we have build our Body as Doctor philosophy entirely upon the amazing, life altering benefits of using minerals, especially ionic minerals.

When I read the New York Times article, I thought, “If everyone in the world had access to our Life Transfusion Liquid Minerals, we would be rid of most anxiety and depression – maybe even most chronic disease!”

So today, I’m sending you the gift of an amazing New York Times article, along with my recommendations if you or a loved one are battling anxiety or depression.

1. If you are suffering from depression or anxiety, you need to go off ALL dairy and meat from cows! Remember Mad Cow Disease? It’s still around.  Eat more fruits and vegetables and focus on healthy sources of protein.

2. Make sure you walk, run or bike for 30 – 60 minutes every morning. You brain needs oxygen! Have you heard of “runner’s high”? This means the exercise is turning on your Serotonin factory, the crucial chemical ESSENTIAL for the brain to be happy.

3. Start with diet and exercise, and add one or more of our anti-depression formulas that can take the edge off, while you deal with the underlying issues driving your emotional state. We have an entire brain and mood category of extraordinary formulas designed to give you the emotional, psychological and mental boost needed so that you can overcome whatever is coming against you.

Our ‘liquid lithium’ formula, Life Transfusion Liquid Mineral Complex, is definitely the place to start!  Lithium is a natural anti-depressant, and magnesium can calm anxiety better than any pharmaceutical drug!

Whether you want to use preventative measures to avoid depression throughout life, or are struggling now with depression and anxiety due to emotional or physical triggers, we can help! Call our customer support team and find out which formulas are right for you. Or if you need to talk, please schedule a consultation with me or one of my team – We are all here to help you.

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USA TODAY – “10 states report outbreak of respiratory illness in kids”

September 16th, 2014

According to USA Today and all major news organizations, a virulent virus is rapidly spreading across the country. 12 states have seen cases at this point, and as many as 15% of infected children have been hospitalized, primarily due to breathing difficulties.

The number of hospitalizations could be “just the tip of the iceberg in terms of severe cases,” Mark Pallansch, director of the CDC’s Division of Viral Diseases, told CNN.

This virus – enterovirus D68, is typical in that is similar to what the medical community sees during the cold and flu season, but atypical in that we are seeing cases much sooner than the cold and flu season that usually begins soon after Halloween, and also the number of hospitalizations is far greater with this virus than with the common cold.  “There are about 100 types of illnesses in the enterovirus family, which affect about 10 million to 15 million Americans each year”, the CDC said.

Dr. Christine Nyquist, medical director of infection control at Children’s Hospital Colorado, said the hospital sent samples to the CDC from patients with respiratory illness. Around 75% were confirmed to be EV-D68.  Colorado has seen more then 900 cases of this virus since August 18th.

The reason health officials are concerned this year is that there have been so many hospitalizations.

That’s the scary part — the unpredictability, I think,” Nyquist said.

Several weeks ago, we published an article called, Prepare Your Child for the Viral Playground where we warned of this oncoming viral onslaught and now we are offering 3 of our most powerful immune boosting formulas for children together in a KIDS VIRAL SHIELD KIT.  You can purchase these products individually, or as a discounted kit.

  • Our brand new Kids’ Gummies formula – is developed to fill in the gaps of healthy food and give your precious ones a complete vitamin and mineral boost! This yummy – gluten free – gummy is chock full of the vitamins children need to support their growth and develop strong bones, brain function, internal organs and heart health – basically, this formula is designed to help your kids grow big and strong – and keep them healthy – in a gummy format that TASTES GREAT!
  • Our hugely popular Ultra D3 is perfect for adults, but for some children, these capsules are just too large to swallow. For children, we make a tiny-sized gelcap simply called Vitamin D3, which aids in boosting immune system response to any cold or flu virus.
  • Super AKG Shark Liver Oil is part of our Winter Wellness Kit, but packs so much immune boosting support, we had to include it in this kit as well.  Alkylglycerols, found in shark liver oil, are able to stimulate immune boosting T cells, which are able to destroy bacteria. Viruses like the dreaded HIV and Ebola are actually very simple compositions – so simple, in fact, that they can only survive and replicate inside a host living cell.  Researchers believe viral infections (like this current virus) can be reduced significantly, and possibly prevented by the addition of shark liver oil.

“These supplements are AMAZING! Sunday night, my daughter was sneezing and feeling like she was getting a cold.  I thought it might be allergies, but just to be sure, I started her on  Super AKG Shark Liver Oil and Vitamin D3.  I loaded her up again the next morning, and although she was dragging a little, she went to school.  I kept it up for 2 more days, and this morning she said half her 1st period class was absent – sick – while she felt really good!  I’m thankful for these products!” Connie, Broomfield, CO

This is the first time we’ve ever offered this incredible KIDS VIRAL SHIELD KIT – take advantage of the additional savings and keep your children protected from this new virus, as well as the regular ones that come along this cold and flu season.

To learn even more about protecting your kids this cold and flu season, read Prepare Your Child for the Viral Playground.


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The Only Kids Complete Multi-Vitamin (Gummies!) They’ll ASK for!

September 9th, 2014

“Rates of Stroke, Diabetes, Heart Disease and Childhood Obesity were found to be 70% higher in neighborhoods the closest to a fast food outlet.”

Our children are being subjected to a highly sophisticated, mass-marketing campaign to eat more junk-food and are becoming the sickest generation ever to live – all due to their diet.

Massively bankrolled propaganda campaigns devised by Madison Avenue, with battalions of research insight into the workings of a child’s mind, make the consumption of disease generating, sugar and fat-laden junk food a “wild and exciting adventure”.

The implications of this downturn are terrifying:

  • declining educational performance & learning disabilities
  • mental disorders like attention deficit syndrome are at epidemic proportions
  • massive instances of obesity, leukemia, cancer, diabetes and heart disease

This is evidence of a vast decline in our children’s health and well being.  Just look at the increase in school violence on a scale unheard of in my childhood – now totally commonplace.

Healthy diet for the body and mind is the only answer! Healthy food is the most important way to keep a child’s body and defense mechanisms working. Pathogenic organisms and viruses are everywhere. Not just in our junk food but also in our “junk TV”.

Unfortunately, most of us can take a trip to a school playground or local  mall and count the number of skinny kids you can find.  You’ll be lucky to find one.  Most are dreadfully overweight, have early onset diabetes, heart disease and are a breeding ground for cancers.

These kids are eating themselves to death. They’re overfed and undernourished. You can help change that with our new Kids’ Gummies formula.

We know you do your best to give your kids healthy food, but even your best efforts aren’t always perfect and that’s OK!

Our newest formula – Kids’ Gummies formula – is developed to fill in the gaps of healthy food and give your precious ones a complete vitamin and mineral boost!

This yummy – gluten free – gummy has all the vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and other important co-factors to support children’s growth, strong bones, brain function, internal organs and heart health – basically, this formula contains every conceivable nutrient proven to help your kids grow big and strong!

Don’t wait to get this one!  We’re not going to be able to keep it on the shelves!  You may not resist sneaking a few of these healthy “treats” for yourself and even your teens will love them.  In fact, don’t just get one bottle, why don’t you pick up two!

“These are REALLY good…I can’t eat just one.” – Malik, Kansas City, MO


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“The Tumor Shrank and then it Completely Disappeared!”

August 26th, 2014

Robert Black Jr., Palm Desert, CA - Skin Cancer Free

If you had skin cancer, what would you do?

In the yet untapped underworld of alternative medicine, specifically oriented toward skin cancer and other skin disorders, one of the greatest discoveries of all time was in America.

The fabled, “Black Salve” was supposedly created by the Aztecs and passed onto the American Indian tribes a millennia ago to treat all skin diseases, even skin cancer. Black Salve worked near miracles for all of those fortunate enough to lay their hands on it.

I had personally heard of it along my own winding road of recovery and discovery and heard of a mystical healer, an old woman living all alone in a log cabin somewhere in the Rocky Mountains of upper Idaho.

As destiny would have it, a Chinese herbalist at the Oriental School of Medicine in Portland, where I was doing volunteer work, gave me the details to contact her.

A very close friend, Robert Black, Jr., discovered a tumor on his chest that had begun protruding grotesquely. He was refusing conventional surgery, radiation or chemotherapy treatments.

Robert had already seen a Harvard-educated Oncologist who described the procedures he would have to endure – as Robert puts it, “the old slice and dice routine.”

Robert decided to let his body heal itself and use all-natural treatments.

I badly needed to find this woman who I’d heard made this “Black Salve” that Robert needed.

Getting her help involved sending a handwritten letter, describing the patient’s problem and what their overall health condition was. Two weeks later we received a short note with payment instructions to her secret address in Idaho.

The money was sent and back came two jars of Black Salve.

Robert started applying it directly to his tumor. Within days, the tumor regressed and then regressed even more – until after just 2 months of applications, it was nearly GONE.

Sadly, along with Roberts tumor, the trail to the magical, miraculous Black Salve also disappeared. We heard the old lady had passed away and no amount of money could generate another jar and we gave up trying to find it.

As fortune would have it, the director of our manufacturing lab told us of another “Black Salve” from the wilds of the Brazilian jungle. Could it be true? Could it be as powerful? Could it work as sensationally as it had for Robert and so many others?

Today is a HUGE day for all those seeking natural answers to any serious skin condition. We are now able to manufacture this black salve ourselves – we call it RECLAIM!

RECLAIM Your Skin and Save Your Life

RECLAIM (formerly known as Rescue Your Skin)  is part of our Skinny Dip Skin Body Care line and your first line of defense against those suspicious moles.

RECLAIM contains Columbian Coffee Extract (aka coffee black salve) and works on more than just skin cancer – it can work on age spots, skin blemishes, freckles and acne scars!

Our research has shown that a special extraction method on a particular type of coffee bean and then blended into a special cream formula has performed beyond expectations.

Unlike sunscreen which aids in blocking ultraviolet rays from absorbing into your skin, RECLAIM’s coffee black salve works from inside the skin cells.

A report from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of multiple multiple human epidemiologic studies link caffeine with significant decreases in several types of cancer, including highly prevalent UV-associated skin carcinomas. Apparently the caffeine blocks the growth and development of cancer cells by causing them to kill themselves, a type of programmed cell suicide that prevents development of abnormal growths.

“We had a 50 to 70 percent inhibition of tumor formation in the mice that were treated with caffeine or EGCG (the chemical compound),” said the senior author of the study.

He also said that caffeine, unlike chemotherapy, apparently to act selectively causing the abnormal cells to die, but does not affect the healthy, normal cells.

RECLAIM wages war against age spots, skin blemishes and skin cancer. Using a unique extraction method, RECLAIM utilizes exceptional coffee bean extracts combined in a cream formula to battle your skin’s most apparent enemies.

Coffee beans contain many more chemicals than just caffeine. It has long been known that drinking coffee is not as unhealthy as one would expect based on the dangerous effects of caffeine. Recently, nutrition scientists have managed to unlock other anti-oxidants held within the tiny coffee bean and develop them into a skin-smoothing cream.

Along with coffee bean extract, RECLAIM contains an amazing combination of skin soothing and skin healing ingredients that not only help undue damage, but leave your skin shining and deeply moisturized. People will look at you and wonder if you’ve been on vacation!

RECLAIM contains powerful antioxidants that dramatically lighten age spots, freckles, sun damage, discoloration and uneven skin tones from any area of your body in as little as 4-8 weeks. Results may vary.

Do yourself a favor today and RECLAIM your skin!

* Caffeine has been found to block abnormal cellular growth and development.
* Topical use of caffeine does not carry any of the risks or side effects associated with the oral intake of caffeine.

Suggested Usage: RECLAIM is very concentrated so apply sparingly to the skin and massage gently. Product will turn white while massaging, then absorb into skin. Repeat after bathing. Use a minimum of 2x daily.
Bottle Size: 4 fl. oz.

Retail Price: $34.95
Preferred Member price: $29.97

Click Here to Order

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Why do you Think They Call it Graves Disease?

August 22nd, 2014

I am Audra Mathews and I am a 43 year old dental hygienist in the Atlanta area. The picture above is me with my beautiful niece, Emily.

Let me preface all the following with the fact that, in my past I was a competitive collegiate swimmer with a fondness of jogging and biking as a young adult; basically, I had a fitness filled life.

Then the problems started.

I was diagnosed with Graves Disease (thyroid condition), Benign Essential Tremor, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, unexplained enlarged lymph nodes in both armpits (complete with surgical removal and benign pathology), and an Epidermoid Cyst removal from my face.  I have suffered for years with chronic wrist, neck and back pain, and last but not least, migraines.

Putting this in print, it reads: “one hot mess“.

Then in early 2013, I was introduced to Dr. Wayne Garland, Pamela Van Zee and the amazing supplements that changed my life. What a blessing.  I began working hard to remove diet soda, meat, dairy, prescription medications and gluten from my life.

I seriously consider this a lifestyle change not just a diet change.

Remarkably, the change to a vegan lifestyle has not been a difficult transition for me.  One week I was literally eating meat at every meal and the next week I was meat free. I believe it was the cancer prevention approach that Dr. Garland introduced with these concepts that sealed the deal.

I began taking the Life Transfusion Liquid Minerals, Age-Less, DIM, Balanced Women, Progesterone Boost, Marine Phyto-Plankton, and the Thyroid supplements.

Over time, the symptoms diminished, and I experienced less work related pain and stiffness.  The tremors almost entirely disappeared, and I had fewer migraines and I began to notice more energy!

In fact, I found myself with enough energy to train for a half marathon on Thanksgiving Day 2013.  Awesome!  I was on my way back to my youthful me

Now, let’s fast forward to spring of 2014, just a  little more than one year from beginning these amazing supplements.  I had experienced some financial difficulties that temporarily transformed my budget and completely run out of these products one at a time without the funds to replace them.

Little did I realize to what extent these supplements had transformed my life!

I am embarrassed to say I clearly have taken them for granted.  Some, not all, of my symptoms have returned and some new alarming symptoms have crept into my life.  My migraines have returned, tremor is back, lack of energy’; however, most surprising of all is the morning arthritic-like pain I am experiencing in my shoulders, elbows, wrists, and hands.

Enough is enough! I will be replacing Dr. Garlands supplements as soon as possible and I  have no intentions of taking their benefits for granted from here forward.  I am hopeful that in doing so along with continuing the dietary changes I  have made that I may again soon achieve optimum health and return to a better quality of life.

For what it is worth, I believe everything happens for a reason and the lack of these quality, all natural nutrients in my life whether by choice, personal neglect, or financial difficulties has been a resounding reminder that I cannot live the quality of life I have set for myself and highly desire without them!

I appreciate the help and dedication that Dr. Wayne Garland and Pamela have given me to achieve all this, without them in my life this would not be possible. This experience has been life changing and I owe a great deal to them.

I believe my future is in good hands with God and these two amazing souls (and their entire team) and the products they make available to me and anyone else who sets high standards for a great life.

I intend to work hard to regain what I had achieved with their help last year.

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU is not enough.

Audra Mathews

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