Affiliate Referral Program Details

Do you have a website or network of customers/friends with whom you would like to share our message of alternative health and healing and receive compensation for referring them to us?

If so, we invite you to join our Affiliate Referral Program where you can earn money every time your referral makes a purchase on this website.

Program Highlights:

  • Lifetime Commissions
  • Offline tracking – you don’t need a website to participate
  • Your choice of Single-Tier or Multi-Tier commissions
  • Commissions paid monthly
  • Conference Calls with Dr. Garland
  • A dedicated Affiliate Manager to assist you
  • An expanding line of products customers will re-order again and again
  • A customer service team you and your customers can rely on

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions that are not answered below, please Contact Us.

  1. Who is eligible to join?
  2. What does it cost to join?
  3. I already registered as a Preferred Member, do I also need to register as an Affiliate?
  4. How do I apply?
  5. Compensation Details – What’s the difference between Single-Tier and Multi-Tier payout?
  6. How do I refer someone as a sub-Affiliate?
  7. If I refer someone and they register as a Preferred Member, will I still get paid?
  8. What are Lifetime Commissions?
  9. How do I earn commissions?
  10. Do I still get paid if my referral requests a refund?
  11. How do I know I will be paid for my referrals?
  12. How do I know how much I have earned?
  13. How and when do I get paid?
  14. What kind of help do you provide?
  15. Can I create my own promotional materials?
  16. What is a parasite affiliate and how does it impact me?

Who is eligible to join?

Although most people will qualify to join our Affiliate Referral program, we do reserve the right to reject or cancel an affiliate account if you are engaged in email “spamming”, have a website that contains objectionable material or are in conflict with our alternative health and healing mission. Examples of objectionable material would include, but is not limited to, websites with violent/hate speech, pornography, illegal content, parasite affiliate sites.

If you are a licensed health care practitioner prohibited by law from participating, you may want to consider our Resale program. Contact us for more details.

What does it cost to join?

It is absolutely free to join and become an Affiliate of, however the Affiliate program is for people who want to earn money. We do have minimum referral and earnings requirements (see below) so unless you have a website, a business, a non-profit group, etc. where you have a consistent flow of new people you may want to refer, our Refer a Friend program may be a better fit.

Refer a Friend: This program is for customers who occasionally refer a friend to us. When new customers register for the first time, we ask “How did you hear about us?” and we send a Thank You card and $10.00 discount coupon to use within 60 days to the friend who referred them.

Affiliates are excluded from Refer a Friend, because you are paid commissions for referring people.

I already registered as a Preferred Member, do I also need to register as an Affiliate?

That depends. See the answer above. The Affiliate Program is only for people who want to make money.

The Affiliate Program is not associated or connected with your Preferred Member customer account , which provides discounts off Retail pricing for personal purchases.

How do I apply?

Click here for easy registration.

You will be able to create your own Referral code (also known as an Referral ID or “Promo Code”) and upon acceptance of your application, we will email instructions on how to get started, along with links to additional resources.

Compensation Details – What’s the difference between Single-Tier and Multi-Tier payout?

We offer you a choice between two compensation plans: Single-Tier or Multi-Tier.

Most Affiliate programs are Single-Tier, meaning you receive commissions when customers you refer to our website makes a purchase.

Multi-Tier commissions enable you to refer other people to join our Affiliate program and receive commissions every time someone they refer makes a purchase. Our Multi-tier option pays commissions on 4 levels, with you and your personal customer referrals as the first level.

Only you can decide which option best fits you. Keep in mind that you can start out as Single-Tier and then switch to Multi-Tier later with your first Affiliate referral.

Below is a representation of the two commission payout programs.

Levels Commissions
Single Tier Multi-Tier
You 7% 5%
1st level sub-affiliate 1%
2nd level sub-affiliate 1%
3rd level sub-affiliate 2%

Commissions are not paid on orders placed personally by Affiliate, immediately family members (spouse, children, life-partners, etc.) living at the same address as the Affiliate.

How do I refer someone as a sub-Affiliate?

It’s easy. Sub-Affiliates registration occurs automatically when someone is referred online or manually when referred offline. Here’s how it works:

Online: If you have a website and display one of our banner ads or text links, or if you send an email with your Referral code encoded as a text link, and a referral clicks through to our website and wants to sign up as an Affiliate, they will automatically be registered as your sub-Affiliate.

Offline: If you do not have a website, when you refer people to register as an Affiliate in our program, give them your Referral code and instruct them to enter your code as the “Parent Affiliate” during the registration process.

If I refer someone and they register as a Preferred Member, will I still get paid?

Yes, in fact we encourage customers to register as a Preferred Member and receive discounted pricing.

What are Lifetime Commissions?

Lifetime commissions are payments we make to you when a customer you refer returns and makes a purchase again.

Since we do not charge a fee to join or have purchase requirements as part of Affiliate program, we do have a few requirements to remain an “active” affiliate. Let’s be real – if you aren’t making money from the Affiliate program, why bother?

  • One new active customer referral every 2 months is required to continue to receive Lifetime Commissions.  An active customer is defined as someone who makes a purchase.
  • Earn $100.00 each calendar year to retain Affiliate status. The Affiliate program is designed for earning extra income. If you are not earning at least $100.00 per year, our Refer a Friend program (described above) is a better fit. Affiliates who registered prior to January 2011, and do not earn $100 in 2011, will automatically transition to the Refer a Friend program.

You don’t need a website to receive Lifetime Commissions. Just provide your Referral code (also called an Referral ID/Promo Code) for your referrals and instruct them to enter this code when placing their order – or when registering as a Preferred Member.

Important: If you refer someone via word-of-mouth, you must instruct them to enter your Referral ID/Promo Code when creating their customer account, otherwise the Affiliate tracking will not know to associate this customer with you. Once this code is entered, they are permanently linked to you and will not need to enter your code again.

How do I earn commissions?

Here are several ways to refer customers to

Promo Codes – You don’t need a website. You can tell people about or create handouts and flyers with your unique Referral code. When the customer comes to our website and makes a purchase (or registers as a Preferred Member), they enter your unique code. This customer is now linked to you and all future purchases will automatically be credited to you, even if they forget to enter your code later.

Website Links – You can use text links or graphic links (often called banner ads) on your website to direct people to We provide these links for you in the Affiliate Resource Center. Simply copy the links and paste to your website. It’s really that simple.

Email Links – You can use text links or graphic links in an email to send to your friends and customers. Email templates are available in the Affiliate Resource Center for you to use. If you are not familiar with embedding links in email, we can show you how to this.

Sub-Affiliates – You can refer people to become an Affiliate of and when they join our program, you will receive commissions on all of their customers and up to 2 more levels of sub-affiliates customers, for a total of 3 sub-affiliate levels below you.

Do I still get paid if my referral requests a refund?

No. If a customer returns a product for a refund, fails to pay for their purchase or the sale was fraudulent, we will decline the commissions for the product or order if commissions have not yet been paid. If commissions have been paid, we will deduct the amount of the commission from your future payouts.

We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our products for 30 days. Click here to review our Returns and Cancellations policy.

How do I know I will be paid for my referrals?

We use a commercial affiliate tracking system that is integrated with our website and uses cookies and IP addresses to track referrals originating from your affiliate text or graphic links. For off-line referrals, your Referral ID or “promo code” is used for tracking.

Each time one of your referrals arrives at our website using a text or graphic link, we place a cookie on the user’s computer. When a sale is completed, our system checks for a referral cookie to associate the sale to your account. If the referral cookie is not found, the IP address of the customer’s computer will be used to credit the sale to the proper affiliate. This process is automatic and designed to ensure accurate tracking.

Cookies remain active for 365 days from each visit through your affiliate URL, meaning you will receive commissions from customers who don’t purchase on their first visit, but return up to a year later, even if they go directly to our website.

We pay Lifetime Commissions, so when a referral purchases using your link or Referral code, you are associated with this customer for the life of your affiliate account.

How do I know how much I have earned?

There is a special page in your Affiliate Resource Center that tracks visits, sales, commissions earned and much more. This page refreshes automatically with every purchase, and you will also receive automated email messages when one of your referrals (or a sub-affiliate’s referral if you selected Multi-Tier commission) makes a purchase.

How and when do I get paid?

Commissions are paid via PayPal by the 15th of the month for the previous calendar month’s activity. You choose your minimum payout, starting at $25. If your commissions are less than your minimum, we will carry your balance over to the next month.

Tip: You will be asked for your PayPal email address during the Affiliate Registration process. If you do not have a PayPal account, click here to get one. It’s free and easy to setup.

What kind of help do you provide?

Your success is our success! Whether you are new to affiliate marketing or an experienced veteran, we are here to assist you. We have a dedicated Affiliate Manager to answer questions and provide guidance with using links for sharing, as well as a bi-monthly newsletters and conference calls with Dr. Garland to learn more about alternative health and healing.

We do provide graphical banners, product images, text links, sample flyers and more to use on your website, newsletter, emails or offline marketing, track your campaigns, sales and commissions.

Can I create my own promotional materials?

Yes, you can create your own advertisements, flyers or e-mails. This can be particularly effective for off-line marketing using your Referral ID as a Promo Code.

Send us a copy before you use it for review and approval. We will respond quickly to your request. We have a great graphic artist who can help you with creative design and layout for a reasonable fee.

If you have a website, we recommend you create a special page on your website about and direct people to this page. Your conversion rates will be much higher as you are able to share your story and testimonial about the benefits you have received.

When people click through to, a cookie will be registered on their computer.

What is a parasite affiliate and how does it impact me?

Parasites are malicious applications, similar to adware or spyware, that hijack affiliate link referrals, replacing the Referral code in the link with their own ID.

To protect you, we review all applications and will reject applicants that are or appear to be part of a parasite or incentive sales scheme. In addition, any affiliate found to be using parasitic methods will be terminated, commissions revoked and if commissions were paid prior to our discovery of parasitic behavior, liable for any fees incurred in collecting repayment of commissions.

Additionally, any use of spam to promote will result in account termination and commissions rescinded.

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