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Your Back to School ‘Little Einstein’ To Do List

August 1st, 2014

Every second parent I meet asks me the same question, “My child has Attention Deficit, what can I do?” Many have horror stories of what drugs such as Ritalin have done to their children. Mother Nature has the answers and we have the formulas just in time to turn your kids into ‘Back to School Einsteins’!

If you have other children in your life – grandchildren, neices or nephews – who would benefit from this information, especially if the child has struggled with ADD/ADHD or just being able to concentrate in class and do the best work possible – please forward this message to that family so they can get a ‘Little Einstein’ too!

Print this out and stick to your refrigerator door and refer to it constantly.

My Top-10 Ways to Defeat/Avoid ADD and ADHD Without Drugs

1. The brain is where we have to go to defeat ADHD. The brain is 74% fatty acids and a small deficiency dehydrates the brain, slowing it down. Start taking the Omega 3/6/9 formula, a perfect balance of all the Omega’s the brain needs.

2. Amazing results come very quickly with the Mind Power formula that dramatically boosts oxygen flow to the brain, so it works clearer and faster. It also contains the miracle herb from India called “Bacopa” that in tests was proven to increase intelligence in young students at a monastery by a staggering 60% in just 3 months. I call Mind Power the ‘Einstein Formula’ – so it’s PERFECT for your little Einstein!

3. Eliminate dairy – this includes milk, cheese, all pizzas with melted cheese, ice cream and butter. Dairy is very poisonous to the body. Visit www.notmilk.com to read the horrifying facts about this so-called “Perfect Food”.  Got soy?

4. Exercise is a must! Kids today are computer potatoes.  Sign them up for activities -  It doesn’t matter what sport or activity – find something they enjoy and let them move and burn off energy.  Exercise is arguably the best therapy for the body and the brain.

5. All thought is an electrical function and a lack of minerals creates a “deficit”, slowing down the electrical connections. Everyone, regardless of age or whether you have ADD/ADHD, should be taking the Life Transfusion Liquid Minerals. These minerals are ionic so they conduct electricity through the cells and the body, particularly the brain. Two teaspoons daily in V8 or freshly squeezed carrot  juice is best.

6. Eliminate High Fructose Corn Syrup – read the labels carefully on all fruit drinks, as many are loaded with it.  Sodas like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, 7-Up, Sprite, Mountain Dew, etc. are obviously are giant no-no too.  The massive sugar content totally “wires” the brain. If you like the carbonation and crave the “sweetness” in a drink, make your own with seltzer water and a couple drops of stevia along with fresh or frozen fruit.

7. Also No Diet Soda – these contain a very dangerous chemical “Aspartame” or NutraSweet. This clouds the brain in formaldehyde. Not good.  Read my article, What Really Causes Lupus and MS, to learn more about what this chemical does to the brain and nervous system.

8. Get off junk food and limit the number of times you eat at fast-food restaurants. When you do need food quickly on the go, visit restaurants like Chipotle, Jamba Juice or Noodles with healthier meal options than burgers and fries.

9. Get our Liquid L-Carnitine formula
. The amino acid Carnitine is a fabulous brain “candy” and also a heart nutrient. And then, it also pumps fat into the cells to create energy so it fights obesity. Two tablespoons a day is all it takes and it has a wonderful citrus flavor.

10. Get to bed earlier! Until children reach their late teens, they need 10 or more hours of sleep every night to support their rapidly growing bodies. Children in grade school need up to 13 hours of sleep.  Kids going to bed on time means Moms and Dads can get a little time to themselves as well!  When Mom’s happy …

Like most new-fangled, modern-day epidemics, ADD/ADHD is caused by lousy nutrition and lack of exercise. You now have a very easy to implement, 10-step plan to reverse all that and have a ‘Little Einstein’ in no time at all!

Please keep a diary of how your child does and let us know so we can publish your results for all to see and be encouraged by.

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  1. August 5th, 2014 at 14:36 | #1

    I am an adult who has suffered from ADHD for most my life without medical intervention due to not being able to take any meds because of addiction issues. I will try some of these. I am a juicer, eat relatively healthy with the exception of the dairy products. I will probably not be able to afford the recommended supplements, but I do get my Omega 3’s and I grow my own organic garden and herbs. I have never been a sleeper and I seen to function and feel the best with 3&1/2 -4 hours sleep. Recommendations??

  2. August 5th, 2014 at 15:38 | #2

    Mind Power should work great for you. I take it everyday. With few exceptions, 3-4 hours sleep is not enough for your body to regenerate.

    If you would like, we can help you take your health to the next level with a Healthy Living coaching program.

    Best wishes,

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