Pneumonia! Pneumonia!

Pneumonia is the most common cause of hospital admissions after childbirths in the US! Antibiotics are becoming less effective as antibiotic resistance increases due to overuse. For viral causes, antibiotics are completely ineffective!

You can overcome pneumonia naturally without drugs and spending time in the hospital by following these 10 simple steps to build a brutally strong immune system.

No one owns your thyroid, but You!

What would you do if you were faced with a prognosis of “possible” cancer and your doctor suggested surgery “just in case”. Would you do it? Read the courageous story of Andrea Billewicz decision to keep her Thyroid, instead of having it surgically removed and spend a lifetime on pharmaceutical drugs.

God's Vitamin

Vitamin D is vital in activating human defenses. Low levels, suffered by around half of the world’s population, may mean their immune systems’ killer T cells are poor at fighting infection.

Secrets from the Deep Ocean Depths!

Centuries ago, Nordic fishermen used shark liver oil as a folk remedy to heal wounds and fight the flu. Scandinavian practitioners of folk medicine adopted the habit of consuming shark liver oil as a general health tonic. Japanese seamen called it samedawa, or “cure all.”

Deep water sharks possess a superior immune system resistant to many of the diseases that plague mankind. The liver oil is shown to benefit and enhance our lymphatic immune defense system by stimulating the formation of antibodies, thus increasing the number of white blood cells.

Flu Season Starts, When the First Flu Shot is Given!

Flu shots just don’t work. It’s impossible to pinpoint the flu virus months in advance, when the influenza virus is constantly changing, adapting, every single day. Besides, protection from the flu and most other viruses does not start in the respiratory system. Its starts in the gut!