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Amazing Skin Cancer Breakthrough

August 22nd, 2012

Robert Black Jr., Palm Desert, CA - Skin Cancer Free

If you had skin cancer, what would you do?

In the yet untapped underworld of alternative medicine, one of the greatest discoveries of all time was in America.

The fabled, “Black Salve” was supposedly created by the Aztecs and passed onto the American Indian tribes a millennia ago to treat all skin diseases, even skin cancers. Black Salve worked near miracles for all of those fortunate enough to lay their hands on it.

I had personally heard of it along my own winding road of recovery and discovery and heard of a mystical healer, an old woman living all alone in a log cabin somewhere in the Rocky Mountains of upper Idaho.

As destiny would have it, a Chinese herbalist at the Oriental School of Medicine in Portland, where I was doing volunteer work, gave me the details to contact her.

A very close friend, Robert Black, Jr., discovered a tumor on his chest that had begun protruding grotesquely. He was refusing conventional surgery, radiation or chemotherapy treatments.

Robert had already seen a Harvard-educated Oncologist who described the procedures he would have to endure – as Robert puts it, “the old slice and dice routine.”

Robert decided to let his body heal itself and use all-natural treatments.

Keep reading for the rest of the story!

Robert’s Remarkable Story Could Be Yours Too!

a photo of skin cancer on Robert Black's chest before coffee black salveI badly needed to find this woman who I’d heard made this “Black Salve” that Robert needed.

Getting her help involved sending a handwritten letter, describing the patient’s problem and what their overall health condition was. Two weeks later we received a short note with payment instructions to her secret address in Idaho.

The money was sent and back came two jars of Black Salve.

Robert started applying it directly to his tumor. Within days, the tumor regressed and then regressed even more – until after just 2 months of applications, it was nearly GONE.

Sadly, along with Roberts tumor, the trail to the magical, miraculous Black Salve also disappeared. We heard the old lady had passed away and no amount of money could generate another jar and we gave up trying to find it.

As fortune would have it, the director of our manufacturing lab told us of another “Black Salve” from the wilds of the Brazilian jungle. Could it be true? Could it be as powerful? Could it work as sensationally as it had for Robert and so many others?

Today is a HUGE day for us and for all those seeking natural answers to any serious skin condition. We are now able to manufacture this black salve ourselves – we call it Reclaim Your Skin!

Skin Cancer in the States on the Rise
I want to share with you some shocking statistics and explain the reason we are so honored to be able to provide you with this amazing product.

  • One person dies of melanoma every hour (every 62 minutes).
  • More people are diagnosed each year with skin cancer than the combined totals of everyone diagnosed with breast cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer and prostate cancer combined.
  • Skin Cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States and more then 3.5 million skin cancers are diagnosed annually in over 2 million people.
  • Melanoma accounts for less than 5% of skin cancer cases, but causes more than 75% of skin cancer deaths.
  • 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime. Will that be YOU?

It is imperative to find and diagnose skin cancers early! When caught early, melanoma is 99% curable!

Know the Warning Signs!
Dr. Oz mentions knowing the A,B,C,D,E’s of skin cancer detection and I’m including a chart so you can easily recognize these warning signs.
The ABCDE steps for Skin Cancer Self Exam

Rescue Your Skin and SAVE Your Life
Reclaim is the newest addition to our Skinny Dip Skin Body Care line and your first line of defense against those suspicious moles.

Reclaim contains Columbian Coffee Extract (aka coffee black salve) and works on more than just skin cancer. It can help you with age spots, skin blemishes and even freckles!

Our research has shown that a special extraction method on a particular type of coffee bean and then blended into a special cream formula has performed beyond expectations.

Unlike sunscreen which aids in blocking ultraviolet rays from absorbing into your skin, Reclaim black coffee salve works from inside the skin cells.

A report from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of multiple multiple human epidemiologic studies link caffeine with significant decreases in several types of cancer, including highly prevalent UV-associated skin carcinomas. Apparently the caffeine blocks the growth and development of cancer cells by causing them to kill themselves, a type of programmed cell suicide that prevents development of abnormal growths.

We had a 50 to 70 percent inhibition of tumor formation in the mice that were treated with caffeine or EGCG (the chemical compound),” said the senior author of the study.

He also said that caffeine, unlike chemotherapy, apparently to act selectively causing the abnormal cells to die, but does not affect the healthy, normal cells.

A Smorgasbord of Skin-Smart Natural Compounds

Reclaim your Skin wages war against age spots, skin blemishes and skin cancer. Through a unique extraction method, Rescue your Skin utilizes exceptional coffee bean extracts combined in a cream formula to battle your skin’s most apparent enemies.

In addition to coffee bean extract, Reclaim contains an amazing combination of skin soothing and skin healing ingredients that not only help undue damage, but leave your skin shining and deeply moisturized. People will look at you and wonder if you’ve been on vacation!

Reclaim contains powerful antioxidants that dramatically lighten age spots, freckles, sun damage, discoloration and uneven skin tones from any area of your body in as little as 4-8 weeks. Results may vary.

Suggested Usage: Rescue your Skin is very concentrated so apply sparingly to the skin and massage gently. Product will turn white while massaging, then absorb into skin. Repeat after bathing. Use a minimum of 2x daily.
Bottle Size: 4 fl oz

Retail priced at $34.95
Preferred Members always save 14% at $29.97.

Click here to order!

Further Tips & Suggestions

  • Check yourself once a month for new moles or ones that show any of the signs of change. Do Buddy Checks.
  • Be in the sun, but be careful. I encourage everyone to spend 20-30 minutes a day unprotected in the sunshine to produce vitamin D – vital for your body to work properly and for you to be your absolute healthiest. You’ll be out more than 30 minutes, especially between 12 – 2pm, use sunscreen.
  • If you do get a sunburn, squash a ripe tomato over your skin. This simple trick works wonders. After rinsing off the tomato, gently dab Delight your Skin onto the burn to retain moisture and aid healing.
  • Never use sunlamps or go to tanning salons. These exponentially accelerate skin cancer formation and growth.
  • Drink carrot juice with 20 drops of Life Transfusion Ionic Liquid Mineral Complex everyday for the high Beta Carotene/Vitamin A content to protect your skin.
  • Eat a BIG green salad every day for lunch. Use flax seed oil for dressing and avocado for the Omega 3’s.
  • Use our new Supta Gluta cream with Glutathione and SOD. Glutathione is the Super-Hero of antioxidants.

I am committed to not only walking with those who are already diagnosed with cancer, but helping every single person I know remain cancer-free. Together, we can link arms and make a real difference in the world around us.

Keep yourself healthy and whole and spread the word of Contagious Health!

Wayne Garland and Connie Albright

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  1. December 24th, 2015 at 13:11 | #1

    I have been in the golf industry for over 30 years as a player, instructor and coach, and the sun exposure has taken a toll on my skin. I have minor sunspots on my hands and my nose had become leather-like to the touch, although it did not appear different from the healthy skin on my face and forehead.

    I apply Reclaim after showering and after opening up my pores using a hot washcloth. Here is what I noticed: after just 6 days the sunspots on the back of my hands are gone, as are the fine lines on the knuckles. More amazing, the skin on my nose lost that rough feeling and in such a short time, has just about returned to normal!

    If you’d like to perfect your golf swing, visit Paulbertholy.com.

  2. Christina
    December 31st, 2015 at 08:03 | #2

    Would like to know where to get your black salve?
    How do I apply it?
    I have a tumor in my breast, but it is not cancer.
    The doctor said it could develop into cancer later, but did not want to remove it.
    I am young, but devastated. I live in Europe.

  3. December 31st, 2015 at 13:05 | #3

    @Christina, we are making a new batch of the black salve and expect to have it back in stock by Jan 14th. Check back and you will be able to purchase on our website here: http://www.askdrgarland.com/shop/Reclaim-Your-Skin.html.

    A little goes a long way. Apply a small dab to your skin and rub until the salve turns white and then is absorbed into your skin. Repeat 2x daily, or more often as desired.

  1. September 19th, 2012 at 08:39 | #1
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